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You Got an Offer, NOW WHAT?! Closing Deals and Transaction Management.

Real Estate Transactions

This is a part of my job that I really enjoy.  Transaction Management, or in other words, closing deals!  It’s super busy, requires a LOT of attention to detail, and keeps me on my toes.  In my first couple of years I just flew off the seat of my pants, but the busier I got and the more houses I sold it became hard to manage all of the paperwork, so I worked with my team to develop a system.  Yes, it takes a village.  100%.

Each transaction requires many different items to get in order after the accepted offer, but let’s just get into what happens during the selling process.  After the negotiation is done, (another favourite part of my job and why I did specialized training in this) *INSERT BRAGGING HERE*  there are so many small things required to keep organized.  I always suggest getting as much done before listing as possible.  For example, if in the disclosure you did some renovations in the last six months – get me copies of those receipts and let’s have them out for showings to build trust with potential buyers.

Home Selling Negotiations

Then there’s dealing with the Title.  This is always pulled by your realtor before we list a home, but if there’s any charges on title such as legal notations, etc. all of these have to get submitted to buyers to approve.

Besides listing all the paperwork we need to pull and get from the city and our office, there is also the deal itself.  Coordinating inspections, appraisals, dates, sending new files to notary, submitting the deal to our office, A LOT of emails and phone calls!  *Whew*

If the inspection doesn’t look good, let’s see what comes up and if we can handle the fixes/upgrades they’re asking to have improved.  Now we’re coordinating contractors, renos/fixes and getting amendments signed for all parties.

I bet ya didn’t know we handled that much in-between the deal.

It was funny to sell my parents’ home last month and also a bit sad.  They lived there for a while and we all had many memories from that home.  Once we had an offer, you bet my Mom thought she needed to have all sorts of documents to me even though I had already collected them before before we even listed and had already sent everything off to the new buyers. (“What about this?  Do you need this?”  I’m talking 3-4 phone calls a day.  LOVE YA MOM! ☺).

It takes a great system, solid admin team and trust in your Realtor so you know all of the important stuff is taken care of.  This is almost a day in the life of a Realtor, it’s damn hard work and comes with high emotions, but it’s also all part of why I LOVE love love my career as a Realtor®.

Real Estate Transactions

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Buying New Homes in Kamloops BC

New Builds in Kamloops

Check out some of the newest homes in Kamloops!

Who doesn’t love the smell of a brand new home… yes it’s very similar to that new car smell, or new clothes smell 🙂 There are some new developments in town that I’m OBSESSED with and cannot wait until they are done!

I wanted to talk about some upcoming projects that are exciting, what some of the processes are that go into purchasing a new home in Kamloops including Home Warranty, Property Transfer Tax and of course, GST.  There is always a lot more that goes into the process, but I figured I’d give ya the gist of it all.

First: do your research!  Take a tour of all of the new builds in town.  Many of them are open almost every weekend, but I’d prefer to show you myself. This gives you an idea of the different builders, their style and what you can expect.  Sometimes, after looking at newly built homes, clients prefer to get home that is in the starting phases so they can make some alterations and choose colors, etc.  But since those homes take some time to build, they have to be patient. Or, you can buy on that is already built.

Once you choose, we will go over the details of what the builder is including in the sale.  For example: appliances, landscaping, or basement finishes just to name a few options.  Then, we negotiate (my favourite part of the process!).  Most developers will give you an allowance for appliances, go to the store and pick the ones you want that fit the bill, and organize the delivery to coordinate with your possession.

Before possession dates, you want to make sure your do a defences inspection. Walk through the home, and if anything isn’t finished or if something is missing, we mark it. Everything has to be done before completion.

With new homes, you always get a home warranty.

2-5-10 Home Warranty: 2 years on labor & materials, 5 years on building envelope including water penetration and 10 years on structure of the home.  Some restrictions apply of course, but for more details visit BC Housing’s website here.

Vankam Builders just built one of the most luxurious homes in Aberdeen on Linfield.  And I mean dayyyyummmmm…almost 5,000 sqft!

Lindfield is definitely building some beautiful homes and there are only a few places left in Brighton Place, a beautiful town home development in Aberdeen.

Dufferin is building majestic homes within the hidden trails of Kenna Cartwright park!  Modern, sleek and top of the line!  Lots are still available, and some homes are almost complete!  Many stages to choose from.

Juniper West Builders is just killing it with impressive single family homes on Qu’Appelle.  20 new single family homes and quite a few different schemes for clients to choose from.  Soon they’re going to be breaking ground on a multi-family development within the same area.

Canyon Gate, Photo Credit of Granite Developments

I’ve written about Crayon Gate before from Granite Development.  They’ve started phase two and if this place interests you, which is should with the price range and quality, then you should hop on the remaining few available – ASAP!

Those are just a few new homes in Kamloops that I am excited for.  There are so many I couldn’t fit them all in.  But I often check them out on Instagram, so make sure to head there.  There are so many to look at, so get on the list here and see whats going on.

Ellie Stevens Kamloosp Realtor

One last thing that I find SUPER DUPER important is the Property Transfer Tax and GST when buying a new home.  When buying a new home, you don’t have to pay the Property Transfer Tax ( 1% on $200,000 / 2% on balance up to $2,000,000/ 3% over 2 million).  INSTEAD, you have to pay the 5% GST on top of the purchase price, so please remember that when looking.

Chat soon,

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Where To Enjoy This Sunny Weather in Kamloops, British Columbia

Now that summer is just around the corner you may be wondering “where can I enjoy this beautiful weather?” Well look no further. If you are looking to enjoy a frosty drink with a view, some of the best patios include:

Carlos O’Bryans Pub with the only rooftop patio in town – Located on Victoria Street, Carlo’s O’bryans offer an amazing atmosphere. I love going up on the rooftop to have some Pacho’s and enjoy a bevy.

Carlos O'bryan's Pub Kamloops BC

Red Collar Brewing, a local brewery located downtown Kamloops. Not only do they have some of the best beer around, they also have the BEST patio that is pet friendly. Plus, they have boardgames available, amazing nachos and did I mention beer????

Red Collar Brewing Kamloops BC

Red Beard Cafe on the sunny Northshore: This local cafe features may different selections of beers and ciders. If you’re looking for extraordinary food that is made from scratch with local ingredients, then Red Beard is the place. One of my favourite snack is the Charcuterie Board with a wild Spartan Cider. After that, you MUST, I mean MUST finish with a S’more cookie (drooooool).

Red Beard Cafe in Kamloops British Columbia

At the Kamloops’ one and only BOLD Pizzeria is where you an enjoy freshly made pizza, straight from the oven, and other Italian inspired dishes. So pull up a seat on their outside patio, grab a refreshing bottled drink, and mow down some savoury cheese bombs or signature meatballs!!

Bold Pizzeria Kamloops BC

ps. Have I mentioned BOLD before?? I think I have…why? Because I frigg’n LOVE IT there. ** Do you love it too? If so, enter my Instagram contest giveaway to win one of two $25 Gift Cards! **

Or maybe you would like to take a stroll through the Kamloops Farmer’s Market where you can find locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits. Open 8:30-12:30 on Saturdays or 8-2 on Wednesday in the heart of Downtown.

There are always many things to do in Kamloops and surrounding areas whether the sun is shinning or if you’re trying to escape the heat.

So don’t forget about the many beaches like Riverside Park with the fantastic Music in the Park nights (check out the schedule here) or the dog friendly Pioneer park if you’re wanting to take a stroll with your best-friend, both located downtown connected by Rivers Trail.

I’d LOVE to hear your favourite places around Kamloops! Comment below with your regular hangout spots and best food, drink, and adventure locations.

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Top 3 Real Estate Questions

Over the course of my career, I’ve gotten asked a LOT of real-estate related questions, but these three are the most common questions that seem to pop up on a regular basis:

1. How the market?? Is it still busy?

That answer is almost impossible to give. It all depends on the time of year, mortgage rates, and inventory. Bottom line, it’s always busy…that is what being a Realtor is. If I’m not making deals, I’m doing showings, citing appointments, marketing strategies, client appreciate planning, lead generations.. the list goes on.

2. How much do you think I could get for my house ??

Right now Id’ say most owners have a good “idea” of the price range of their home. Its amazing how much they watch the market, after they’ve decided to prep to sell… But sometimes there is also a personal value you hold onto your home. That value is usually what makes a home sit, unfortunately.

3. How do you like being a Realtor?

In all honesty, I genuinely love it. There are ups and downs, it gets stressful.. but I truly freaking love it. Not only do I get to work with amazing clients, but they usually become my friends afterwards and I am constantly helping people.. what more could you ask for!

I love chatting and would love to answer any real-estate related questions you may have. Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling, there are no stupid questions – only questions that you may not have the answers to and ones that I can help clarify for you!

If you’d like to get in touch please feel free to email me at ellie@elliestevens.ca, or give me an old fashioned phone call at 250-374-1461.

You can also connect with me and ask me any questions over on Facebook or Instagram! Let’s connect! 🙂

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Welcome Home!

I’m so incredibly lucky to work with awesome clients!! Welcome Home Nelli ! Cheers to your new place for you to garden and enjoy.


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Family home with mortgage helper


Bright and Spacious – this lovely Brock home will have you feeling thrilled! Main floor features three bedrooms, 1 bath and a large kitchen open to the dining AND living area with gas fireplace, plus a laundry room to die for with a large window and TONS of storage…

Inlaw suite has 1 large bedroom, den, office nook, updated kitchen with gas range, dishwasher, breakfast bar, dining room & large living room with gas fireplace.

There is also a cold room for all your food storage and amazing backyard!
Now for the backyard… where to start?!

Ok we’ve got 6 raised garden beds, 3 grape vines, every berry, cherry tree, plum tree, apple tree, pear tree.. Shall I go on? It’s simply beautiful.

Come see all this home has to offer.. all measurements approx.

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Fall market has LAUNCHED

It is clear that September is off to a busy start! It’s interesting to see how each season has it’s own market and demographics looking to buy or sell.


I think Fall can be a great time of year to sell in Kamloops. The air is crisp, it’s not too cold or too hot! One great tip I have.. boil some water, cinnamon and little bit of Vanilla. Warm up your oven, put the cinnamon water in and turn off the over. It will keep a warm, apple pie smell all though your house! Perfect for showings.

Add some blankets, pillows and colour to the living space to keep the home feeling like a home.

If you just want to know about the changes in the market and how to get your place ready to sell, get in touch! I love Real Estate and LOVE to talk about it.