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Beat the Heat in Kamloops

Beat The Heat in Kamloops

It’s getting hot in here! While we have had an unusually wet July thus far (great for the wild fires!) the heat is on its way!  With the sunshine on the horizon I thought I’d give ya a few places to go and tips to help you beat that Summer heat! 

I was at Home Depot the other day and they had butt loads of portable AC units.  If you don’t have central AC then you should sell- KIDDING!!! 😉  But really, head on over and purchase a unit now because when the heat comes, those suckers get snatched up quickly.

Yummy treats are always a great way to keep the kiddos quiet and keep you cool, and of course I’ve also included a few kid-free/date night style establishments. Here are a few of my favourite local spots here in Kamloops:

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Investing in Kamloops, British Columbia


Kamloops Realtor Ellie Stevens

During the past few months, I’ve had a few different clients asking about investing in our town, Kamloops. There are quite a few things that makes Kamloops have such an impressive rental and investment market, not to mention how wonderful the community is.  So, I thought what an excellent opportunity to write about the process of buying an investment property.  
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Top 6 Must-Do’s When Selling Your Home

Sell your Home in Kamloops

I am often asked if there are things that actually make a difference when selling your home, and are there things that can have an affect on how long it takes to sell your home?  You bet!

Think about when you were searching for a home and some of the things that stood out to you during your real estate hunting experience.  Of course, everyone is different and everyone as their own standards, but over the years and 1000’s of homes later I’ve got a good idea of a few simple things that can help or hurt a sale.
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Master Certified Negotiation Expert!

Ellie Stevens

So this past holiday weekend I took off for three awesome days in Vancouver for the second of three part course towards achieving my “Master” Certified Negotiation Expert.

This two-day course is a 6 hour intensive on the psychology, communication, legalities and an abundant amount of learning methods in negotiating from the buyers perspective. The next set of courses is all about the Sellers side, and I’ve already done a two-day course that covered both.  YAY!!

Negotiations Expert

The best tool I learned…

Communication via email and text is key! It is the most efficient way that people are getting in and staying in touch, and real estate is following suite.

Honing my negotiation skills is an ongoing toolset and I LOVE IT!!

It’s also really amazing to take the stress and unfamiliarity away from my clients, and give them guidance and allow them to understand the process of negotiation. This requires so much understanding and can be intimidating for most.

I was apart of a situation where I was the client and I lost a brand new hot water tank in the deal due to a lack of communication. I know now how important it is to be vigilant – and diligent – in ensuring clients know EVERYTHING about their deal. It’s not just about the price, but all of the little details and extras that you can negotiate during your process, as both a buyer and seller.

Three days of learning is exactly what gets me going, re-focused and ready to take on the world.

PLUS I got to go with my bestie, so we also got a little Van style shopping in, AND our room got upgraded to the penthouse. WOO! Have you EVER experienced an epic hotel room like that? I hadn’t and we made sure to take in every second of it. Room service, movies, mini-bar, we did it all. Why not?! When in [Van]Rome!

I just don’t know how I will ever stay in a regular room again though *sigh*

Well now I’m back at it here in Kamloops. Hope you ALL had a perfect long weekend & enjoyed a very Happy Easter.

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Change is GOOD | The Sotheby’s Difference

Ellie Stevens

This month has been an exciting one for me as I made HUGE changes in brokerages.  I made the move to Sotheby’s Realty to bring this brand to Kamloops.

What does this mean for my clients?  Well, listings are going to get more international exposure along with high-end marketing materials, and you will be part of the luxury brand itself.  I’ve always had a high standard for marketing and service to my clients, so it has been such an easy transition for me.

I wanted to show you all what this brand stands for and why I’m honored to be chosen as their Kamloops Rep!

First, is consistency! Every listing receives the same level of service no matter the price:  “Luxury is our level of service, not a price”.  Their website is quite impressive because of their affiliation with many media companies all over the world.  Their reach goes all the way to China!

Second: every listing receives Professional Photography & Video.  And why not!?  You deserve it!

Third: I have a lot of support and we have a strong team within our office. When working with a Realtor, it’s not about what price they give you but more WHO you are working with and what they’re going to provide for you.  I always work with my people to determine the price based on their needs and timing.

Fourth, fifth sixth, seventh…I could go on and on, but for now heres are a few tidbits below about Sotheby’s and my reason to come on board and make the  huge change over to join them.  I’m excited to be a part of this new foray into Kamloops with them and to add a little “Ellie” to the mix!

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Is April a Good Month to Sell Your Home?

Realtor Kamloops BC

Oh April, you are one of my favorite months.  The flowers start to bloom, and the calls start to come in and just like that the inventory is on the rise!  I’m still finding a lot of clients wondering if April a more profitable time to list, or perhaps May?  There are a lot of preconceptions about the best time to sell but in all honesty, it is best to have a chat with your Realtor.  I like to remind people that every market is different and it depends on what your timeline is or where your home is located.  This is why I highly recommend having a chat and a visit with my clients way before they plan on actually listing.

This past week I had the privilege of working with three different sets of clients wondering about listing and timing.  There is no magic time to sell but yes, different seasons produce different results.

Realtors work very hard to learn and understand the market.  We have stats, we know about pocket listings and we work together to know what buyers are on the hunt for, and we know about new potential listings coming up the pipeline.

Professional Home Staging

I will add that if you’re willing to put in some time and work with my professional stager and I, you’re going to get that offer much sooner and at a higher value. Through my experience and knowing what my buyers love to see in a home I’ve really learned what produces the best results with staging AND what potentially is a waste of time.

I participated in staging three homes yesterday and it was so incredible!  Taking a home and styling it up, seeing home owners excited with their space and launching it is just so much fun for me and my team.

April brings out a lot of buyers, usually serious ones but most inventory comes in May as they’re all wanting green grass, gardens planted and everything all cleaned up!  It might be best to hit the market before the inventory rises and can turn into a buyer’s market, and not a seller’s.

Kamloops Realtor British Columbia

Don’t forget, when selling keep your home cozy.  Add warm blankets on the couch, a pop of color with pillows, décor on the mantle, artwork on the walls and cutting boards on the counter.  It truly makes a difference.  Trust me.

Want to book a chat to see what you need to get into the Spring Market?  Fill out the form below I will get in touch and answer any questions you have about today’s market and your home.

Chat soon!

Questions about selling your home? Let’s chat!

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Buying or selling?

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How Spring Cleaning Helps Sell Your Home

How to sell your house fast

I wanted to quickly pop into the blog world, Imma keep it short and sweet:


Just last weekend the sun was shining and I went into 15 different homes.  Those that were clean ones still stand out in my head.  I can tell which ones were cleaner than the others.  Think about that from a buyer’s perspective.  Think about people who have gone to several different homes, that all have similar traits, in similar neighbourhoods.  You bet your booty the clean, bright and good smelling ones are going to stick in their minds.  They WILL be the ones to sell first, guaranteed!

Sell your house with Ellie Stevens


So what are the key things to remember?  Here is a quick list:

  • Exteriors make the first impression.  Power wash the driveway, clean up the winter garbage and wash those windows (remember that we can see through them, so do them inside AND out).
  • Snow is melting (yay!) so make sure to really get rid of that salt and winter sludge, even on the road around your house.
  • Have a dog?  Get the backyard all checked for doggie surprises.  If you don’t have the time, there are a few companies that will do it for you!  Just ask me!
  • Cleaning inside is just as important.  You want to carry that impression all the way through the house.  Dust-up those cobwebs (even in the basement), check the ceiling fans, dust/clean the curtains and pull out the pretty spring blankets.  
  • And don’t forget: a few flowers to brighten your space!  This is the quickest and easiest way to add colour and cheer.

Landscaping increases home value

This is the list.  This is the advice.  Give the house a good once over before you sell if want the best price for your home.  It all starts with the cleaning!

Happy Spring Cleaning,


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Preparing for the Spring Market…NOW

Sell your home on the spring market

What a wonderful couple of days we’ve been having so I thought it is only fitting to chat about the Spring Market and how YOU can get ready for it NOW!

Do we know when the Spring Market is going to officially start? No, but if the past few months are any indication then it is going to be busy one – especially with the current stock!  I bet once those flowers start to push through and bloom (and the snow disappears), we will see an increase in inventory…will you be one of the new listings?

Kamloops Real Estate Market

So why get ready now, especially when you’re not planning to list until April, or perhaps even May?

SSSHHH…I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  You may think you’re ready, but when the time comes, there will ALWAYS be a few things you were “waiting” to do.

It is important to make that to-do list, and get it done now!

Your dream house could appear on the market ANY day, and with the current low inventory, things are going fast OR in multiple offers.  It’s just insane!  When it does come up and you’re home is all ready for the For Sale sign, it will alleviate A LOT OF PRESSURE.

Waterfront Property in Kamloops BC

You can go into the deal with more confidence, a clearer head, and be able to make the RIGHT decision, instead of a hasty one in a panic.

Another secret?  We already know sunshine makes people happy, but it can also add more value to your home.  Seriously!  Better weather gives your home the ability to shine!

Getting it ready sooner rather than later allows you the opportunity to de-clutter, clean up, patch the walls, fix anything that needs repair and perhaps paint!  You will show your home the way it should be shown, in it’s best shape!  Not to mention, you can enjoy a little of this fresh, newly fixed up home in the meantime which is always a plus (wink)!

Ready to get started?  Or want/need to know how to increase the value of your home?  Check out this post where I get into the details of how you can add more value to your home, and give me a call, I would love to help you!  Finding the right home for you is what I do!  If you are considering listing your home for sale, head over here and find out what it’s worth on todays market!



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List Before Finding a Home? The Big Debate!

List your home to sell

Let’s be real here.  We’ve been dealing with this viscous cycle over the last year or so; not enough inventory to encourage people to list their home. They’re nervous potentially selling their home before finding a NEW home.  This is SO totally understandable, but if we keep going on like this then where are we going to end up?

In my experience, once you list your home then the right home comes up.  It might be a psychological thing – you can’t identify or choose until you HAVE to, know what I mean?  Looking at a million photos online can be overwhelming, confusing and leave you feeling unstable to list.

Here are some ways I like to help my clients feel ready.

  • Establish your priorities.  The reason behind the move and what is biggest problem you’re wanting to solve with this.
  • Get out and let’s go see some homes!  You’d be surprised how much things can change from the beginning to the end of the search.  I had clients start their search for a fixer upper in a rural area, 30 minutes outside of town.  Needles to say, they ended up with in Rose Hill in a brand new home!  Looking at the homes in person gives you a different perspective.  Sometimes you don’t know it’s home until you feel it in person.
  • Get your home all ready by finishing the projects around the house.  Declutter and be prepared to list in case you find the dream home on the second showing!
  • Have a date set to List.  Having a goal in mind gives your mind time to get into it and feel confident in the process.  Let’s get the price established and find way to get the most out of the sale!
  • Take a chance.  List it and have faith that it will work out.  It usually does but remember that it takes a couple months to get the deal accepted to move-out date.  It’s not a super-fast process so you have time.
  • Let’s meet and get educated on the current market situation.  Go over comparable, what you are willing to do around the house and how to achieve the best end result.  This February has been off to a super busy start.  Lots of buyers and still a lower inventory BUT they just put out an article stating that we’re going to see a jump in our market!!  It’s never usually predictable but I always believe that KNOWLEDGE is power.

Chat soon,