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Summer Buying Trends

Summer Buying Trends

As seasons change, so does the market!

Spring is always hot with new listings and the time when people get serious about buying a home.

Our market operates in a crazy circle – you see something you fall in love with without even considering all the components of a move, which is why it’s important to ensure your listing is being marketed to the MAXIMUM through social media, websites, emails, AND print ads.


For the longest time we’ve heard people saying “there’s low inventory” which is true, BUT, only within certain price ranges. Therefore, everyone looking to downsize and sell are stuck at the lower price bracket that is still highly competitive! How can you downsize if you have nowhere to go? So they stick it out until something comes up.

I have noticed a slight shift in the market, and in that I feel as though prices were a bit too aggressive during the start of the Spring market which resulted in a slow down for sellers. However, having said that, with all slow markets comes one thing: AMAZING DEALS! So NOW is the time to get ready to buy, especially if you’re looking to invest or become a first time home buyer.

Investment properties are always a hot commodity, but if you are aware of the ROI that you need to make a deal come together then you’ll come out on the positive side with a good deal in hand. Patience is the BIGGEST factor to take into account when investing in the Kamloops Real Estate market! Personally, I know I can’t wait to see the market slow down a bit so I can buy myself a couple of flip properties!  Ahhh…those long term goals!

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