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Beat the Heat in Kamloops

Beat The Heat in Kamloops

It’s getting hot in here! While we have had an unusually wet July thus far (great for the wild fires!) the heat is on its way!  With the sunshine on the horizon I thought I’d give ya a few places to go and tips to help you beat that Summer heat! 

I was at Home Depot the other day and they had butt loads of portable AC units.  If you don’t have central AC then you should sell- KIDDING!!! 😉  But really, head on over and purchase a unit now because when the heat comes, those suckers get snatched up quickly.

Yummy treats are always a great way to keep the kiddos quiet and keep you cool, and of course I’ve also included a few kid-free/date night style establishments. Here are a few of my favourite local spots here in Kamloops:

  • Scoops Ice Cream ParlourChocolate Mint is top on my list at this joint.  But they have a flavour for everyone!
  • MenchiesYou can never go wrong with frozen yogurt…check out their new HI-CHEW flavour!
  • Red Collar Brewing – Nachos & Beer FTW!
  • Red Beard Cafe – Nachos & Cider are my faves here.  In case it isn’t obvious…I heart nachos.  Hard.
  • Kamloops Wine Trail – Music in the Vineyard – “Enjoy the warm summer evenings and live entertainment as you take in the views and sip on some award-winning local wines.”  Check out there website for upcoming event dates and ticket purchasing.


I’m also a sucker for a day on the water, especially since I’ve been out at Tobiano a lot lately (check out my latest Neighbourhood Review on Tobiano, Kamloops’ only lakefront living!). I have fallen in love with Bruker Marina, the beach and of course, the amazing lake!  Snacks, tubes, kids and a boat is a perfect way to enjoy those hot Summer days.

In a real estate related note, the Sellers market is still a hot one but only for a certain price range so buyers…GET READY!  I feel a shift coming on, and preparation is everything!

Chat soon,


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