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Top 6 Must-Do’s When Selling Your Home

Sell your Home in Kamloops

I am often asked if there are things that actually make a difference when selling your home, and are there things that can have an affect on how long it takes to sell your home?  You bet!

Think about when you were searching for a home and some of the things that stood out to you during your real estate hunting experience.  Of course, everyone is different and everyone as their own standards, but over the years and 1000’s of homes later I’ve got a good idea of a few simple things that can help or hurt a sale.

Showings Help Sell Your Home


This can make or break a potential sale.  Over pricing your home can lead to no inquiries; then you lower the price and it starts to look like you’re desperate.  Price too low and potential buyers start to think there is something wrong.  It’s not an easy task.

The Details

A small with a big impact is to simply change out all lightbulbs to have the same tone and make sure they are all in working condition.  Clean up the cobwebs from around the ceilings and freshen up the flowers on the table and make sure it smells good.

Flowers For Showings

Finish those Projects

Please!  Please.  This is an important one.  Finish any projects before you start showing you’re home.  People looking for a renovated home want to see it all done. You’re more likely to get a higher initial offer as well.  Timing and a first good impression are huge. Making sure you show a finished home is crucial.

Leave a note

Let the buyers know about the area!  Leave seasonal photos and show any permits and warranties for any work that you did out in the open.

Get a pre-inspection

Having this to show buyers when they are viewing gives a sense that care and maintenance was put into your home.


Yes, they are a pain in the a$$.  Be prepared to have a lot of them in the first week.  You may eat out a lot or perhaps go on a lot of walks.  Try not to get too frazzled as it’s all a part of the process. It will be worth it in the end, I guarantee!

First impressions matter, so always keep your home clean and tidy inside and maintain around the front yard on your way out.


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