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Master Certified Negotiation Expert!


Ellie Stevens

So this past holiday weekend I took off for three awesome days in Vancouver for the second of three part course towards achieving my “Master” Certified Negotiation Expert.

This two-day course is a 6 hour intensive on the psychology, communication, legalities and an abundant amount of learning methods in negotiating from the buyers perspective. The next set of courses is all about the Sellers side, and I’ve already done a two-day course that covered both.  YAY!!

Negotiations Expert

The best tool I learned…

Communication via email and text is key! It is the most efficient way that people are getting in and staying in touch, and real estate is following suite.

Honing my negotiation skills is an ongoing toolset and I LOVE IT!!

It’s also really amazing to take the stress and unfamiliarity away from my clients, and give them guidance and allow them to understand the process of negotiation. This requires so much understanding and can be intimidating for most.

I was apart of a situation where I was the client and I lost a brand new hot water tank in the deal due to a lack of communication. I know now how important it is to be vigilant – and diligent – in ensuring clients know EVERYTHING about their deal. It’s not just about the price, but all of the little details and extras that you can negotiate during your process, as both a buyer and seller.

Three days of learning is exactly what gets me going, re-focused and ready to take on the world.

PLUS I got to go with my bestie, so we also got a little Van style shopping in, AND our room got upgraded to the penthouse. WOO! Have you EVER experienced an epic hotel room like that? I hadn’t and we made sure to take in every second of it. Room service, movies, mini-bar, we did it all. Why not?! When in [Van]Rome!

I just don’t know how I will ever stay in a regular room again though *sigh*

Well now I’m back at it here in Kamloops. Hope you ALL had a perfect long weekend & enjoyed a very Happy Easter.

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