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Is April a Good Month to Sell Your Home?

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Oh April, you are one of my favorite months.  The flowers start to bloom, and the calls start to come in and just like that the inventory is on the rise!  I’m still finding a lot of clients wondering if April a more profitable time to list, or perhaps May?  There are a lot of preconceptions about the best time to sell but in all honesty, it is best to have a chat with your Realtor.  I like to remind people that every market is different and it depends on what your timeline is or where your home is located.  This is why I highly recommend having a chat and a visit with my clients way before they plan on actually listing.

This past week I had the privilege of working with three different sets of clients wondering about listing and timing.  There is no magic time to sell but yes, different seasons produce different results.

Realtors work very hard to learn and understand the market.  We have stats, we know about pocket listings and we work together to know what buyers are on the hunt for, and we know about new potential listings coming up the pipeline.

Professional Home Staging

I will add that if you’re willing to put in some time and work with my professional stager and I, you’re going to get that offer much sooner and at a higher value. Through my experience and knowing what my buyers love to see in a home I’ve really learned what produces the best results with staging AND what potentially is a waste of time.

I participated in staging three homes yesterday and it was so incredible!  Taking a home and styling it up, seeing home owners excited with their space and launching it is just so much fun for me and my team.

April brings out a lot of buyers, usually serious ones but most inventory comes in May as they’re all wanting green grass, gardens planted and everything all cleaned up!  It might be best to hit the market before the inventory rises and can turn into a buyer’s market, and not a seller’s.

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Don’t forget, when selling keep your home cozy.  Add warm blankets on the couch, a pop of color with pillows, décor on the mantle, artwork on the walls and cutting boards on the counter.  It truly makes a difference.  Trust me.

Want to book a chat to see what you need to get into the Spring Market?  Fill out the form below I will get in touch and answer any questions you have about today’s market and your home.

Chat soon!

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