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How Spring Cleaning Helps Sell Your Home

How to sell your house fast

I wanted to quickly pop into the blog world, Imma keep it short and sweet:


Just last weekend the sun was shining and I went into 15 different homes.  Those that were clean ones still stand out in my head.  I can tell which ones were cleaner than the others.  Think about that from a buyer’s perspective.  Think about people who have gone to several different homes, that all have similar traits, in similar neighbourhoods.  You bet your booty the clean, bright and good smelling ones are going to stick in their minds.  They WILL be the ones to sell first, guaranteed!

Sell your house with Ellie Stevens


So what are the key things to remember?  Here is a quick list:

  • Exteriors make the first impression.  Power wash the driveway, clean up the winter garbage and wash those windows (remember that we can see through them, so do them inside AND out).
  • Snow is melting (yay!) so make sure to really get rid of that salt and winter sludge, even on the road around your house.
  • Have a dog?  Get the backyard all checked for doggie surprises.  If you don’t have the time, there are a few companies that will do it for you!  Just ask me!
  • Cleaning inside is just as important.  You want to carry that impression all the way through the house.  Dust-up those cobwebs (even in the basement), check the ceiling fans, dust/clean the curtains and pull out the pretty spring blankets.  
  • And don’t forget: a few flowers to brighten your space!  This is the quickest and easiest way to add colour and cheer.

Landscaping increases home value

This is the list.  This is the advice.  Give the house a good once over before you sell if want the best price for your home.  It all starts with the cleaning!

Happy Spring Cleaning,


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