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Dufferin Kamloops BC Neighbourhood Review

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Did you know that Dufferin wasn’t always part of the community of Kamloops? It originally started as its own municipality. Dufferin is expanding in beautiful ways which includes the new development along Rockcress Court featuring some outstanding architecture only seen in that area.

Dufferin Review Kamloops BC

Why would you want to live here you may ask? Well, Dufferin features local dining and is only 5 minutes from anything you could need such as major shopping, pet stores, the Cineplex, Costco, and even Cascades Casino to enjoy a night out. And you don’t have to go far to enjoy some of the spectacular scenery Kamloops as to offer. Dufferin backs right onto Kenna Cartwright Park where you can enjoy:

  • Off leash dog walking
  • Picnics
  • Fantastic walking/hiking trails that let you enjoy marvelous views of Kamloops City from above
  • 800 hectares of park from Hillside Dr. to Home Depot over to Bunker Dr. making it one of the largest municipal parks in B.C!

Kenna Cartwright is an example of one of the many different habitats of Kamloops as it is considered a Wetland. The Dufferin area is also fantastic for families as there is an elementary school within walking distance of most streets

Mountain Biking Kamloops British Columbia

Kamloops BC Real Estate

Duffy’s Pub, with its Wings Wednesday, is a terrific local Pub situated at the beginning of Dufferin on .. st. Being 19+, it offers a variety of mouth-watering foods, delicious drinks, and laid back atmosphere, enjoyable for those group gatherings on a night out.  For latest news and events, connect with them here!

Duffy's Pub

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